VOSKER is watching!
With our mobile surveillance cameras you can easily and safely keep an eye on everything that is important to you.
Be it the construction site at night, a remote warehouse or your own garden, VOSKER comes into play wherever there is no electricity or WLAN in the immediate vicinity. Get informed via APP as soon as something happens.

Vosker V300 surveillance camera

The V300 is the first camera with live streaming from VOSKER on the market.
Equipped with a 14000mAh battery, you can monitor everything that is important to you even more easily and flexibly.
Use the free VOSKER app to connect live to your V300 and always be informed.
Vosker V150 surveillance camera


The V150 is the latest model in our range of mobile surveillance cameras. Equipped with a rechargeable battery and a solar panel, a long runtime is guaranteed.
You unlock the pre-activated SIM card quickly and easily with the free VOSKER app. So you can get started right away.

Vosker V200 surveillance camera

Whether it's photos, time-lapse photography, or full HD (1080p) video up to 90 seconds long, the V200 has it all.
With 0.07 seconds shutter speed, this security camera is one of the fastest on the market.
The 2-inch display lets you configure and align the camera before the first use. After installing the camera, simply and conveniently use the VOSKER app.